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Grow Your Brand Presence, Student Yield, and Donor Relationships

Your unique university culture and story are valuable, and your prospective students need to feel that in your marketing. That’s why we strategically craft each solution for your success with personalization to build genuine relationships.  

Whether you’re looking for an overhaul of your current enrollment strategy or to develop a campaign for a new program, you need an approach that delivers results. 

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Brand Marketing

What comes to mind when a high school student sees your university logo? What about parents, alumni, or potential donors? Higher education branding is multifaceted: you’re charged to uphold university standards, tie in historical relevance, satisfy all stakeholders, and appeal to prospective students.

Your audiences deserve an approach that makes them feel understood and welcomed. Not everyone interacts via the same channels, so it’s important to employ integrated campaign efforts through digital, traditional, and experiential tactics to provide multiple touchpoints for audiences to interact with you where they’re most comfortable. Since your brand is often the first encounter audiences have with your university, it's the window into the vibrant narrative that awaits them on campus.

Establish, build, and showcase your branding to invite audiences into your story, and then connect it all to measurable outcomes.

Common Services:

Marketing Campaign Development

Strategy and Consulting

Audience Research

Brand Identity


Microsite and Landing Page Development

Social Media Strategy and Content

Email Marketing

Ad Designs

Application and Recruitment Marketing

Sometimes, applications pour in. But are they from your ideal prospective students? Higher ed application marketing requires strategic efforts to reach top-choice students early – and often.

Do you know who you’re trying to reach and the optimal ways to do that? To build a seamless admissions experience, the main differentiator beyond leveraging data and technology is building genuine relationships through personalized touchpoints so that every great mind who applies – from first-generation college students to non-traditional learners who are ready to start anew – can gain the tools they need to succeed.

Understand your target demographics and psychographics, build content that resonates, and gather data to customize communications.

Common Services:


Graphic Design

Art Direction & Concepting


Digital Advertising


Print Advertising

Video Concepting and Production


Out-of-Home Advertising


Student Yield and Post Admit Communications

You’ve sent out thousands of acceptance letters, then you wait. Right? Here’s the timespan that can make or break your student yield goals: during summer melt or the post-admit gap.

Whether it’s an issue of decentralized communications, disconnected technology solutions, or just holding onto false hope, students often fall through the cracks during the pivotal period after being admitted to the university. Data-driven communication is a lifeline in helping them navigate deadlines, forms, and access to financial aid, all while feeling emotionally supported in the process. It’s the perfect time to nurture students by showing how much you value them so that they will invest in committing to your university – and actually show up on campus.

Formulate connected processes, create personalized communications, and provide a warm atmosphere where students can thrive.

Common Services:

Higher Ed CRM solutions (HubSpot and Slate)

Paid Social Media

Enrollment Strategies



Reporting, Testing, and Analytics

Marketing Automation & Personalization

Marketing Campaign Development

Transfer Student and Re-Enrollment

It’s time to change the feeling that the enrollment process is transactional, where students feel like a generic number. Ongoing, personalized communication efforts are central to maintaining enrollment numbers.

When students do not receive the information and assistance they require, they may not end up in the supportive academic environment necessary to carry them through their educational journey, which can lead to a downturn in retention rates in the future. Through utilizing a CRM and automation, you can create an experience that forms connected tissue around the students’ real needs while preparing them for what’s next, whether they are incoming freshmen, transfers, rising juniors, graduate students, or nontraditional students.

Make students feel that they are valued on campus and implement automation to work smarter, not harder.

Common Services:

Printing and Shipping Management

Direct Mailers

Public Relations

Promotional Items


Tradeshow Management

Media Buys and Management

Marketing Technology Platforms and Partner Management


Open House Activation and Marketing

Prospective students require a personal, authentic approach to higher education enrollment, so in-person campus events and visits can be a game changer. College visits “sell” more than any channel – but it’s the experience that will make or break their decision.

It’s vital to curate micro-moments that will be memorable and authentic, which creates an entire experience, not just a visit. When done effectively, students start to envision their lives on campus, imagining their future selves participating in programs and classes, and ultimately reaching their goals here.

Create supportive open houses and events for prospective students to picture themselves on your campus – from day 1 through graduation.

Common Services:

Campaign Strategy & Planning

Paid Advertising

Event Communications

Paid Social Media


Broadcast TV

Digital Display

Video Production and Motion Graphics


Alumni Engagement and Institutional Advancement

University alumni make up the soul that connects the past, present, and future of any institution – but how are you connecting with them to drive momentum?

Fostering an ongoing sense of belonging and pride will revitalize your alumni network, bring in community partners, and contribute to long-term success. You can build a comprehensive approach that spans from targeted fundraising campaigns to interactive alumni events, ensuring that every touchpoint contributes to institutional advancement.

Connect genuinely with alumni and external partners to drive engagement and promote ongoing institutional pride and giving back.

Common Services:

Event Communications

Email Marketing

Microsite & Landing Page Development


Marketing Automation & Personalization


Marketing Campaign Development


See a service you need, or trying to figure out a current challenge? Our experts are here to help.